Executive Search

The most innovative methodologies to identify, assess, attract and hire people who can bring the expected results.


To find where others don’t search.


This has always been our core business.

We introduced significant innovations in the standard search process, aimed at better serve our clients’ needs.

Our new process make us quicker, safer and more reliable than ever.

More than 800 managers and specialists, more than 1.000 individual assessments and 25 organization projects in the last 10 years. With this numbers we can say that we find the People who allow our clients to reach their goals!


Diversity management

We integrate the position analysis with our specific methodology based on the operative dynamics, which gives a rational and successful way to consider even diverse candidatures.

During this process, we also identify a typical recurrent activity which allow us to prepare a specific business case to be developed by the candidates in the presentation phase.

The business interview

In the short list presentation phase, we provide our clients powerful selection tools, up to arranging and managing dedicated hiring days.

Our methodology significantly reduces the risk of a wrong selection, which can be very expensive especially in Italy.

The business partnership

We have developed our operating processes by always keeping a sharp eye on the need to give an added value to our clients’ processes. We have thus developed a new continuous reporting system that can provide all fundamental information on search progress.

This system makes it possible to save time and improve the quality of relationships with the consultant, the HR team, and the operative lines.