Human Advisors

Tools and competences to organize, motivate, develop and optimize the Human Capital.

To win even the most difficult challenges.


In addition to Trevisearch, which is dedicated to Executive Search, Thalia has developed a consulting division, Human Advisor, which can assist clients in any activity related to improving the Human Capital value thanks to a better personnel and organization management.

One of the key challenges for companies today is identifying, attracting, developing and motivating talented people who can implement company strategies, achieving significant results both individually and as team members.

Thalia Human Advisor’s services include assessments, coaching, HR audits, advisory boards and demonstrate their effectiveness in all the most significant phases of the company’s life: from the organic growth to the rationalization, from the International expansion to the production delocalization, from the generation passages to the M&A projects.


HR Audit

Our aim is to measure the adequacy of the people and the organizations to reach the company goals.

The outcome is powerful and very practical, with clear indications both for the development and the eventual reorganization.


The deep knowledge of a person is essential to understand what he/she can do.

In Trevisearch we have developed specific competences and methodologies to offer our customers the best solutions in this domain.

Advisory Board

The ability to set up a network through a sane lobbying is often far more effective to improve the business than operational competences.

The creation and proper management of an advisory board is an efficient tool to support the management teams to improve communication and relationships.


Sometimes companies do not dare put a young potential in charge of a strategic role with a big impact on the company’s results.

In these cases a coaching process can be helpful both for the development of the manager and of the company itself.

Thalia is the exclusive representative for Italy of Arnava International Assessment Center®, a leader in the international market of evaluation tools based on situational simulations.